Jacobs or the Jacobs group of companies refers to Jacobs Solutions Inc. and its direct and indirect subsidiaries collectively. Jacobs’ values, global policies, 管理指令, and functional procedures apply across the Jacobs group of companies, including the following reporting commercial organizations and reporting entities:
U.K. Modern Slavery Act 2015 Reporting “Commercial Organizations” (collectively, “Jacobs U.K.”),包括但不限于:
  • Jacobs U.K. Limited
  • 雅可仕现场服务有限公司
  • 英国CH2M山
  • 哈尔克劳国际合伙公司
  • 雅可洁能源有限公司
  • Energy, Safety & Risk Consultants (U.K.) Limited 
  • Jacobs stobarts有限公司
Australia Modern Slavery Act 2018 “Reporting Entities” (collectively, “Jacobs Australia”),包括但不限于:
  • 亚洲体育博彩平台集团(澳大利亚)有限公司
  • 亚洲体育博彩平台澳大利亚有限公司.
This global statement is being made by Jacobs, 包括Jacobs U.K. and Jacobs Australia, in accordance with the reporting requirements of Section 54, Part 6 of the U.K. 《2015年现代奴隶制法案.K.) and section 16 of the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 (for Jacobs Australia) for the financial year ended 30 September 2023.



Our commitment

At Jacobs, we’re challenging today to reinvent tomorrow by solving the world’s most critical problems for thriving cities, 有弹性的环境, 关键任务的结果, 业务发展, 科学发现和尖端制造, turning abstract ideas into realities that transform the world for good. 在雅各布斯,我们做正确的事情. We always act with integrity – taking responsibility for our work, caring for our people and staying focused on safety and sustainability. 与我们的价值观一致, we are committed to respecting the human rights and dignity of individuals within our operations, 供应链和我们做生意的社区.


Jacobs Solutions Inc. is a publicly held corporation, headquartered in the U.S. 并在特拉华州注册成立. 利用一支大约60人的人才队伍,000, we provide a full spectrum of professional services including consulting, technical, scientific and project delivery for the government and private sector. With US $16.4 billion in revenue, we operate in over 40 countries and engage over 20,000 suppliers worldwide. The services we provide to our markets fall into the following two lines of business (LoBs): Critical Mission Solutions (CMS) and People & Places Solutions (P&PS). Our LoBs, 我们的业务部门Divergent Solutions (DVS), which operates as an integrated offering to both LoBs, 以及对PA咨询公司的大部分投资, constitute the Company’s reportable segments and are the foundation for how Jacobs helps create a more connected, sustainable world. For more information on our company, see our Annual Report on Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended September 29, 2023, our Quarterly Report on Form 10-Q for the fiscal quarter ended December 29, 2023, and our other filings with the U.S. 美国证券交易委员会. Jacobs’ operations are located primarily in North America, Europe, 中东和亚太地区, 提供详细的位置信息 Jacobs.com.

Risks of modern slavery in our operations and supply chains

We are committed to identifying possible modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains. 雅各布斯负责人权风险评估, including periodic support from third-party consultants who have supported risk assessment efforts. As a result, we update and improve our understanding of our risk areas for human rights violations and modern slavery exposure.

Jacobs has considered risk factors in evaluating its risk of modern slavery in its global operations and supply chain, 包括但不限于:

  • 行业及行业风险: as a professional services company that provides solutions to a diverse range of clients, in some countries some business engagements identify us with a higher risk sector or industry. 
  • Geographic risks: some of the countries in which we operate have higher risks of modern slavery due to poor governance or socio-economic factors.
  • 产品及服务风险: in some countries some products and services used in our supply chain are identified as higher risk, such as services that involve manual labor or foreign migrant workers.

Jacobs U.K. and Jacobs Australia primarily provide professional services to clients in their respective countries. Jacobs’ supply chain primarily consists of the following categories: 1) corporate suppliers which may include external advisors, cleaning services, training providers, general goods and services for used in day-to-day operations; 2) IT suppliers such as providers of IT equipment; and 3) project subconsultants to provide professional services. Jacobs is committed to continually improving its approach to identifying modern slavery risks in its supply chains and operations around the globe, including further engagement of third parties to conduct reviews and provide expertise on enhancing our approach.

Our actions to assess and address modern slavery risks


Jacobs’ Human Rights Policy details our commitment to respecting the human rights and dignity of individuals within our operations, 供应链和我们做生意的社区 around the world. This policy is guided by international principles including those encompassed in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, 《世界人权宣言》, 国际人权法案, and the International Labor Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

更新于2022年,雅各布斯的 供应商行为准则 禁止使用任何形式的现代奴隶制, 包括强迫劳动, child labor, 以及人口贩卖. It includes additional requirements including those addressing freedom of association and collective bargaining, recruitment fees, fair wages, non-discrimination, grievance, provision of remedy, 以及获取个人身份证件的权限. This 供应商行为准则 applies to all our suppliers, vendors and subcontractors.

Due diligence

We conduct due diligence to avoid complicity in human rights abuses, and we seek to avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts through our own activities and business relationships. Supporting our Human Rights Policy, Jacobs has integrated a human rights questionnaire into its supplier pre-qualification process. Enhanced assessment occurs for suppliers based on risk triggers, 包括地理因素, 活动类型和其他风险因素.


Our standard contracts stipulate that suppliers will comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations including those related to human trafficking, 工人福利和现代奴隶制. We also require that suppliers certify compliance with our 供应商行为准则,包括其人权规定.


As outlined in our 供应商行为准则, we reserve the right to conduct audits and thoroughly investigate possible non-compliance with our requirements. We strive to be prompt and fair in our investigations and, whenever possible, operate in a spirit of continuous improvement – working with suppliers to implement change within specified timeframes. Any violations of our 供应商行为准则 or failure to cooperate in an audit or investigation may jeopardize suppliers’ business relationship with us, 直至并包括终止合同.


All employees must complete Jacobs’ Living Our Values training, and the We Do Things Right module includes specific information on Jacobs’  Code of Conduct. It includes information on our commitment to respecting human rights and dignity in accordance with the U.K. and Australian Modern Slavery Acts and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights, as well as our expectations of employees to act in a manner consistent with our Human Rights Policy. Our training for supply management professionals includes a section on our  供应商行为准则,其中包括人权要求. Jacobs is committed to continuously improving modern slavery training offerings for employees. 通过我们独特的员工学习平台, e3, we have several on-demand training modules available addressing the topic of modern slavery. 主题包括现代奴隶制的一般概念, 它在供应链中表现如何, 以及如何识别和报告此类案件. The training modules' difficulty level ranges from beginner to intermediate, 反映主题复杂性的. In Australia, Jacobs is engaging with a third party to produce modern slavery training videos; the videos will be accessible to all Jacobs employees with a lens of Australian regulations and drivers. 


Jacobs recognizes the importance of stakeholder engagement to create a more connected, sustainable world. Jacobs is a participant in the 联合国全球契约 (UNGC) 并参与UNGC业务 & Human Rights Accelerator Program to assess most salient human rights risks (including modern slavery risks) and further expand Jacobs’ Human Rights Due Diligence across our value chain. In 2024, Jacobs continued its partnership with Business for Social Responsibility (BSR), via which we engage with third-party experts and engage in cross-industry collaboration to collectively advance our sustainability strategies and impacts, 包括人权. 雅各布斯很自豪能成为 Building Responsibly, an industry group collaborating to promote the rights and welfare of workers globally. BSR provides executive leadership and secretariat support for Building Responsibly

We respond to client surveys in relation to Jacobs’ policies and processes and share strategies and control measures to reduce human rights and modern slavery risks within our clients’ operations and supply chains.



We are committed to continual improvement in managing human rights and modern slavery risk in Jacobs’ supply chain. 评估我们的表现, we consider both qualitative and quantitative global indicators, including but not limited to those related to supplier qualification and certification, 审计和评估, training, client engagement, 外部基准测试.


我们鼓励员工, 供应商和利益相关者大声疾呼, without retribution, about any concerns regarding human rights and modern slavery in our operations or supply chain. As detailed in our 雅各布斯行为准则供应商行为准则, our 举报人保护政策, and on our website, anyone can submit a report anonymously through the Jacobs Integrity Hotline at integrity.bustlebuttbaby.com or by calling 844.543.8351 (U.S.), 1.800.316.728(澳大利亚)和0808.234.6029 (U.K.). We are committed to investigating reports in an appropriately robust and timely manner.


We communicated our commitments and actions in combatting modern slavery to the relevant entities in our Jacobs group of companies, 包括Jacobs U.K. and Jacobs Australia. We have ensured that relevant areas of Jacobs’ operations are aware of what actions need to be taken to identify, assess, and address modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains.

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